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children's dentistThis is the website of Dr Abigail Moore, a Paediatric (child-specific) Dentist based in Dublin.

Abigail is committed to providing comprehensive, quality dental treatment to children in a child-friendly environment.  Abby welcomes all children (up to 16) into the practice and takes pride in giving them a positive introduction to the dental setting, paving the way for future good oral health.

Abby has a special interest in traumatic dental injuries, developmental defects and management of anxious patients.  Our fellow colleagues in the Burlington Dental Clinic provide the expertise of other specialities e.g. orthodontics for children where needed ensuring a multi-disciplinary approach.

play area!Many children will only need a caring approach and gentle introduction to the dental setting in order to cope with treatment.  For the few children who have extensive treatment need or severe anxiety problems, inhalation sedation and general anaesthetic facilities are provided at the Hermitage Medical Clinic.

Our Mission…..

Þ    To help all children have healthy, happy mouths

Þ    To earn the confidence of our patients and instil a positive attitude towards dentistry

Þ    To provide quality dental care, restoring and maintaining children’s teeth to an optimal level

Þ    To teach parents & children together how to prevent oral problems

Þ    To finish up with excellent grown up patients, with healthy adult teeth

Contact us:

You can use the numbers on the right or fill out the contact form.

Places of Work:

Burlington Dental Clinic (private practice limited to paediatic dentistry)

Hermitage Medical Clinic  (private practice limited to paediatic dentistry)

Dublin Dental School & Hospital (part time lecturer & clinical supervisor)