Treatments & Services

Treatments & Services


We provide all treatments required for both primary teeth and permanent teeth in our patients.  We prefer to see children early, before any problems exist so we can focus on maintaining a healthy mouth.  If a dental problem already exists, our main focus is on efficiently dealing with any existing problems and then preventing any further decay is paramount.  As well as treatment of decayed teeth and preventive treatments we also provide aesthetic dentistry where required and interceptive orthodontics.  At the end of treatment in our clinic we aim for your child to be decay free, enjoy attending the dentist and have a positive attitude towards their oral health.

Some children may find dentistry difficult to cope with, either due to their developmental stage or complexity of the procedure required.  In these situations we can provide treatment using Nitrous Oxide inhalation sedation or under General Anaesthetic.  Inhalation sedation and general anaesthetic treatments are carried out in the Hermitage Medical Clinic and we also carry out general anaesthetic procedures in the Blackrock Clinic.

Treatment of decayed teeth:

Treatment aims to remove the soft, damaged tooth and replace the area with a filling material.  Ideally this will restore the function, strength and appearance of the teeth, preserving them until they are due to fall out naturally.

When incisor (front) primary teeth are decayed we can place composite fillings or composite strip crowns.

Decayed Front Teeth

Fillings are ideal if just a small bit of tooth needs to be replaced and strip crowns are better when a lot of tooth is missing and the tooth requires to be fully covered with a tooth coloured ‘cap’

Teeth repaired with composite

Small cavities in molar (back) teeth are repaired with a tooth coloured material.  We use either a resin-modified glass ionomer material or composite resin.  Glass ionomer materials release fluoride in the area, which may protect the teeth beside from developing decay.

If a lot of tooth is missing a filling will not be successful and is likely to leak or fall out.  In these situations a stainless steel crown is advised.  These are durable and very successful.  A white version of these crowns is now available in tooth coloured zirconia, which may be suitable in some cases.

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